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God is good. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend the last 16 years growing our marriage and our family. Mikayla is our oldest child, Jordan is next, and Isabella is our third. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey of Faith, Family & Fun!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Another thing to master!!

I found the best cupcake book at Mikayla and Jordan's book fair last weekend. I just had to give it a try. The hardest part on this one is manipulating the candy toppings and cutting them and whatnot. What do you think of my pumpkins???


The Earnhardt Family said...

OOH, FUN!!! I keep seeing that's like the big thing right now, it's such a great idea! Great job!!!

sarah said...

Wow I am so impressed!!! You are increidable!

The Finnestad Family said...

Those turned out great! I can only imagine all the new, creative ones you are going to come up with. I'm telling you...you may have to start a bakery soon.