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Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Lake Chelan 2009

What a wonderful weekend to go camping. We had so much fun last weekend on our camping trip. The kids were so excited they couldn't be contained. We left early Friday morning but you would think we were leaving on Wednesday because for the two days before we left it was like we were leaving any moment. Very cute. Greg had no problems getting the camper set up. Unfortunately, it didn't take long to figure out that we have some kind of electrical problem that is overriding everything and shorting out. Then it cools down or something because it will come back on. Then it goes back out after a short bit. It was wierd. So it looks like we'll be driving out to Maple Valley to visit Big Jim soon.

Having no heat sucked but thanks to our genious in bringing a ton of blankets and our new cushy sleeping bags we did alright. Matt and Denise said we could come in their pop up if it got to cold......yeah right. That's a whole lot of Earnhardts in one pop up camper!!

There was a lot of playing at the park, running, beach walks, games, and campfires. Greg is a certifiable pyromaniac! Good thing the trees hadn't quite bloomed their leaves yet because Greg would have caught them on fire no problem. Good times and great conversation at night. Love that adult time. The cousins had so much fun really getting to hang out with each other. Pictures were happening like crazy till I tripped and broke my camera. Then, not so much.

All in all, what a fantastic trip. We can't wait to head back out for Memorial weekend. We are pretty much caught up on our sleep and all the laundry is finally folded and put away. I hope that we get to share many more memories with many of you before the summer is over.


Carr Family said...

Looks like fun. Hope you get the wiring fixed soon. Looking forward to meeting up with you this summer, if we can mesh our schedules together!


The Williams Five said...

Fun times! I don't have much sympathy for the no heat though since we tent camp. ;) Come on Stephanie, live a little!

The Earnhardt Family said...

Ahhh, camping, I LOVE IT! As I've said over and over and over, we are so so so SO glad that you guys finally get to camp with us!!! And selfishly we were happy to have you to ourselves, what can I say, we love ya, and it's fun watching the cousins bonding and building their relationships! And ahhh, night time, that blessed time when all the chillins are in bed and us adults can finally just relax, stare blankly into the roaring fire, and talk about anything and everything - my FAVORITE!!! :-)