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Thursday, May 28, 2009

Memorial Day Camping Trip

We had such a blast camping with friends and family over the Memorial Day weekend. Although the heater worked in the garage before we left, it was a no show during the weekend. So no heat again!! But still an incredible weekend. The river was glacier water and very very cold! The campfires were fun adult time. The outhouses were surprisingly not that bad. All in all, too much fun to list. Enjoy the pics.

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Jennifer said...

You did it! You were the first of us to blog about our trip...Great Job! I really should have tried to race you...then I might be done by now ;-)

We had a wonderful time. I LOVE your pictures. I must say that you are much better then me at taking them...I didn't even get a family shot :-(

I hope that your heater is working for the next trip. But I guess that the trailer is better then a tent any day(even without heat)!