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Wednesday, July 8, 2009

The Challenge

What is going on?!! I just was reading up on blog updates by friends. Two of those friends wrote specifically about what God has been doing in their life and how He is really speaking into and through thier lives and quiet time with him. There is a real relationship there. I have already told you in my last blog that God is calling me out and specifically seeking me right now. He has reminded me that I need to be growing and that I need to be DAILY in his word.

I am challenged in a way that is not comfortable to me. I am being asked to do more than seek him. I am being persued by the Creator of the Heavens and the Earth. I want to grow but do not look forward to the growing pains that I know will come with that growth. And yet, my soul is excited to spend more time with him today. It's a joy and excitement I can not explain.

Thank you to Amy, Kristin, and Breanna for sharing your hearts today. God used you to encourage me. I thank God for you all and pray blessings over you tonight tenfold.


My name is Breanna... said...

Praise God Stephanie! I am glad to be able to walk the journey of being His folower with you.

Paalm 24:1-6 Yeah!

Your heart for Him shines!

Missy said...

I struggle all the time with trying to be in His word daily. I wish I had the time every single morning to be there in His word, but at this season in my life, it is a struggle. I constantly hear Him calling me.

La Kris said...

Hey Stephanie... it is worth the 'pain' that we have to suffer.. I was just saying in Biblestudy that I miss all the conflict on the mission field.. not because I enjoyed the pain and conflict but because I miss how CLOSE I was to God during those times.. I wish I could figure out a way to have that closeness admist the good times.. that is what I am trying to do right now... I so hunger for that.. but it is not easy to live in it day to day in the routine of every day life. Don't give up.. God will meet you where you are..!

Jane Anne said...

I am glad I stopped by today. What a wonderful reminder! I just took a minute and said a prayer for you. I pray that you will contine to be enthusiastic about being challenged. I prayed that you have the energy you need. Thank you for sharing.

Carr Family said...

Praying for you. It's a wonderful, but uncomfortable feeling to be pursued by our awesome, amazing God. I look forward to hearing where this goes. Wade into the waters, swim in the deep stuff, the current is fast, but it's the ride of your life! Love you!!