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Monday, February 2, 2009

Superbowl Fun!!

Well, it was a Superfun Superbowl afternoon. Although we were all routin' for the Cardinals...it was still a great game. Way too many missed tackles if you ask me. That and their personal fouls were their demise. I'm still the only momma that loves to be a part of the football scene. Missed ya Erin. The 3D thing was pretty lame. We were all jazzed up and then we were like Uh, O.K. Well that was fun. It was definitely a nail biter at the end. Can anyone else say "WHAT FUMBLE?? That was absolutely forward motion on that last attempt by Warner. And is it just me or are the commercials getting a bit too edgy for family fun. My favorite (that I caught anyway) was the Dorito one with the snowglobe. Pretty funny!! Of course the highlight of my evening was getting to meet Natali for the very first time last night. She is so amazing and super cuddly. She slept on Aaron through a lot of jumping up and screaming. That girl is definitely all about her daddy when he's got her! Thanks again for hosting Finnestads.


Jennifer said...

We had a great time! I am so glad that you were able to get pictures. I have tried to get into the football thing but so far it's not working...okay, I haven't tried very hard! You are setting a great example for us all and maybe we will be joining you soon!

The Earnhardt Family said...

Some of us don't have all grown up children, Missy! Maybe when they're more holding their own I'll want to try out football a little more. But right now, I'll leave the screaming in the other room, and enjoy a little downtime with the girls (while taking care of the little ones, then shoo them away, then take care of them again, then shoo them away...) :-) Greg's a lucky guy though, to have a hot wife like you on his lap totally in on the football fun - quite the trophy wife you are!

The Williams Five said...

I was lucky enough to watch the game with a family who are all into football as well. It was GREAT! And I agree, what fumble! There was NO DOUBT that there was forward motion. HELLO!! Talk about irritating.