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Thursday, January 29, 2009

25 Random Things about Me!

1. I do not have a hard time talking about myself.
2. My husband really does "complete" me! (thank you Jerry McGuire)
3. I'm in school full time again trying to accomplish my RN. I will succeed!
4. I once stuck a coin up my nose (face side out) because Karen dared me to.
5. I wouldn't do it again.
6. If there is something on the flloor to trip over, I can usually find it.
7. Speaking of...I fell off a ladder painting on Saturday. OOPS!
8. Singing is my all time favorite thing to do.
9. I've bought and sold seven homes in the last 12 years.
10. When I was young (like 5th grade) my mom made my sisters and I sing with her in church for special music. We dressed alike and were called the Young Inspirations.
11. I was Dorothy in the Wizard of Oz my senior year of HS. Go KM Royals!!
12. I've never drank alcohol.
13. Well, I actually have had a sip of a wine cooler but Greg says, "That don't count".
14. If we had another son, I wanted his name to be Samuel Alan Earnhardt.
15. If I were an animal I would be most like.....Just kidding.
16. I have been pooped on twice by birds flying overhead while being in a crowd of over 1000's of people. LUCKY ME!! I believe my best friend stopped laughing long enough to grab the camera but no paper towels.
17. I miss my mother in law terribly at times. I thank God for the legacy she left behind.
18. I have been married for 12 wonderful years on 3/1/09.
19. I used to be really deathly afraid of spiders. Had to ask the cable guy once to come into my house to kill one. He was accross the street working.
20. I really want to buy a camper.
21. I once sang the National Anthem at Key Arena for basketball state championships.
22. I once rode a horse. I couldn't walk real well for a couple of days.
23. My husband taught me how to do laundry right after we got married. Unfortunately, I still put everything in the same load. No separating for this chic. Most clothes are pretty safe these days.
24. In my dreams I can fly a lot of the time.
25. I do not prefer to drive. Love the passenger seat. Only do it when I have to. I would love for Greg to cheauffer me around for the rest of my live long days!

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Heather said...

I had to laugh at the "Young Inspirations" story. My mom was always getting me to do some special music dealy too when they ran out of people to do so at our church. Being the pastor's daughter, I was asked (...or rather blackmailed mostly) into playing my flute or singing many a time. Now the funny thing is...I would actually enjoy doing special music from time to time, but there is never the opportunity. Oh well.
See you in class on Sunday!