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Saturday, June 13, 2009

Gene Coulon - 13 Years Later...

Greg proposed to me at Gene Coulon Park in June of 1996. We were out on the floating docks and it was sunset. Unfortunately, I don't have a picture of us that night.

We've not talked a lot about that story with our kids. So today, Greg had the great idea to take the kids down there and also take me on a trip down memory lane. The kids loved the story of how we were engaged. They thoroughly enjoyed the park and were disappointed that we weren't prepared to go swimming. The fries at Kid Valley were yummy and the bird sanctuary was cool.

We had to promise them that we would come back one more time this summer with our friends and have a big barbeque and playtime. Can't wait!

Before doing that, we had the pleasure of celebrating James' 7th birthday with him. The guys got to go on a hike and then we all met up at the park for festivities and lunch. We all had a blast! Happy Birthday James.

Then after the birthday party and the trip down to Gene Coulon, we were priviledged to go and celebrate our first nephew graduating from High School. What a fun time with the Earnhardt family! There was tether ball, a very lovable dog, and Jordan was so excited to find out that one of his cousins is a real baseball player!! Uncle Keith even got out one of the motorcycles and gave all the kids rides before we left. Yep, that's right mom. All three kids rode a motorcycle today with Uncle Keith but they all wore a helmet! The proof is in the pictures!! Immediately after getting off the motorcycle Jordan walked over to his dad and whispered, "You've got to get one of those dad!!" Congratulations Andrew!

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The Finnestad Family said...

Talk about a packed day! I can't believe you squeeze Gene Coulon in between the parties. I love all the pictures you came home with. I can only imagine how much your kids enjoyed hearing about Greg's proposal. After Mikayla's proposal at JJ's party, James & Marcel now think she's one of the coolest girls ever! They were quite smitten. James was proud to be the one Mikayla proposed to - even if she did ask him to be her bride! ha ha ha