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Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Mikayla is Nine!

My sweet Mikayla turned nine today. I can't believe it has already been that long. It seems like just yesterday that I was having contractions and trying to figure out if I should even go to the hospital. 14 hours later around 9:15 p.m. she joined us. Greg announced the news and entered his mother's embrace as they shared tears of joy together.

Mikayla has kept us on our toes ever since. Today she announced that this has been the best birthday ever because it was so relaxed. She got to wake up to the regular rendition of happy birthday, followed by the opera style of happy birthday (per her request), and then thanks to Aunt Chrissy she got to get the dying cat style of happy birthday. Then it was off to school where she got the birthday hat and they sang to her again. It was a half day so that left a lot of play time today.

She had a friend over and they played with her new sand crabs. Well, the baby went back in pretty quick but Silverton stayed out for awhile. Then it was off to Grandma and Grandpas house to celebrate with them. She got a great watch and beautiful necklace and earings (unfortunately she says the ear piercing thing ain't happening!!). Then it was off to Toys R Us to spend a gift card and get some candy. She of course requested PLAIN Spaghetti with parmesean cheese for her birthday dinner. Her dessert of choice tonight was homemade ice cream sundaes which she loved making.

Mommy had to sneak off for a couple of hours tonight to take her last final for the quarter but then it was right back home for the ice cream celebration.

I am so thankful for Mikayla. She is such a gentle spirit and she feels with everything in her at all times. She loves animals these days and her favorite toy right now is Puppy in my Pockets. I pray God continues to protect her fragile spirit and grow her into the young lady He has prepared for her to be.

I love you Mikayla Grace Earnhardt!

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The Finnestad Family said...

Sounds like she had the best birthday possible! Love the dessert choice too - yum! Those crabs are great ~ we can't wait to play with them :)