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Saturday, April 3, 2010

Do This in Remembrance of Me

Last night our family went to our church's Good Friday service. It was wonderfully done and very respectful. Greg and I decided that we would attend it with all of our kids. During the service, they offered communion. Mikayla and Jordan have both accepted Jesus into their hearts but have never had the opportunity to participate in communion. They both kind of looked at me and asked if this was something they got to do. We talked about what it meant and what the cracker and the juice represented. It was so sweet. They ingested every word that came out of my mouth. Then they walked forward, got thier bread and cup, and sat down. They asked if they should eat it or wait. I told them they could eat and drink it when they wanted. I encouraged them to bow their heads and just say thank you to God for the sacrifice that Jesus made to save them from their sins.

I watched as they both bowed their heads and closed their eyes. I tried to concentrate on participating myself but my heart was overflowing as I heard my daughter whisper "amen".

There are moments that we remember. Moments that make us laugh. Moments that remind us of when we were their age. Moments that cause us to count to 10....twice. But last night, I had a moment that I will treasure for all my days.

Now, don't think they are so grown up yet. As they finished and I turned to take their little cups, I was just in time to witness my 7 year old son furiously sticking his tongue as far into that little cup as he could get it so as not to miss one tiny little drop of grape juice. This also made me smile. I let him finish and then put the cups away.

When we were leaving last night, they asked us all to leave in silence. It was dramatic and really brought home the magnitude of those moments. I pray that God gives you moments this weekend to laugh and play with your kids. I pray that He grants you moments where you are silent and in awe of His sacrifice. I pray that you are blessed tomorrow morning when you wake up rejoicing that we serve a RISEN SAVIOR.


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Michelle said...

Brings tears to my eyes ... and then a smile! :) They're growing up so quickly!!! Happy Easter, Stephanie!