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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Catch up in Fast Forward!

Today is Jan 1, 2012. Since I haven't blogged in over 4 months here's a short review.

In September, the kids started school. Mikayla is in the 6th grade this year, Jordan is in the 4th and Isabella is in the 2nd. All are doing a great job and thriving in their studies.

I also went back to school. We were overjoyed to find out early in August that I had been accepted to Pacific Lutheran University's School of Nursing. Being a Lute has been a wonderful experience so far! And I'm already done with my first semester. Only 2 1/2 more years left~

October and November were full of opportunities to help out in the kids classes at school. I am so thankful that they actually want me around them and their friends. Greg and I have also continued serving as the Ignite Jr High Leaders at our church. We are so blessed by the students and their families. We did some serve projects in October, Uturns are always a blast, and we did some caroling in December.

Our family got to enjoy some great camping trips in September and Greg has been trying to convince me to go as recently as last week. That man LOVES to camp!

December has once again been a wonderful month of holiday traditions, old and new.

This year was the first year we got to go to Journey to Bethlehem. Well, we were all supposed to go and then Jordan got sick. So, it ended up being a daddy/daughter date. They absolutely LOVED it and we can't wait to go all together next year.

The Christmas Tea is something that Mikayla and I have done together for 4 years now. Isabella will FINALLY be old enough to join us next year and she can't wait to be a part of the tradition. It was wonderful as always.

Grandma was in the Singing Christmas Tree this year so that became a new tradition for us as well.

Gingerbread Houses is another favorite for our three kiddos. This year we could tell they are definitely getting older as they really put some thought into those houses!

Ever since the kids were born, Greg has read Twas the Night Before Christmas to them on Christmas Eve right before bed. He loves it and so do they.

And of course, Christmas morning! Jordan's big thing this year was LEGO Rock Band for the Wii. The boy was overjoyed. In fact, all three were as they screamed for over a minute when the gift was opened. Mikayla got her electric scooter that she was hoping for. And Isabella loved her Squinky playhouse.

YEP! Right up and down the hallway she went! There was no waiting for the rain to stop!!

So, that brings us to today. NEW YEARS DAY~2012! Pictures, and taking short trips down memory lane, can be fun. But, they are merely snapshots of moments that existed amidst many others. Some good and some challenging! God has met with me at the peak of the mountain at times, and at others, he has reached out to gently pull me up again. I have seen and experienced losses of great magnitude in my life and others during 2011. I have wittnessed God's hand at work in the honest conversations of real people. I have let tears fall and held the hand of the frail. I have been reminded often that I am a work in progress.

My God is Faithful. Life is precious. I am but a servant of the Most High King. God has shown his favor over me. I am married to the most AMAZING man I've ever known and I love him with all my heart. I have been blessed with three INCREDIBLE children whom I also love with all my heart. I have breath today and for that, I am thankful.

Happy New Year!

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