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Tuesday, May 7, 2013

~ Christmas Cactus in May ~

One flower pot!  That is how many crafty things I have laying around my house that I made for someone else.  Just one flower pot that I poured my heart into for a mother's day gift 15 years ago for my mother-in-law.  I'm not super crafty.  You need to know that first.  So, it's not that the flower pot is really that great.  But my mother-in-law liked it enough and put one of her favorite house plants in it.  It's a flowering Christmas Cactus.  It flowers once a year at Christmas time.  I remember the year after I gave it to her she told me that  her cactus plant had never bloomed that much or been that healthy.  She told me the plant loved it's new home and that she knew it was because the pot was created with so much love for her.  That was my mother-in-law.  She was always encouraging me and never once said a negative thing to me.  Even when I'm sure she knew better than I did (especially when I was a young mom), she gently and lovingly supported Greg and I.

9 years ~ That's how long she's been in Heaven.  When she got really really sick the last time, she told me I'd have to take the plant and look after it.  She said I could never take it out of that pot!  And in all these years, her Christmas Cactus has never bloomed for me like it use to for her.  I have a BLACK thumb and honestly, I'm surprised the thing has survived.  I'm sure in all her gardening wisdom (she was quite the pro) she knew deep down that the Christmas Cactus is a tough plant and could probably survive my forgetfullness and neglect over the years.  And it has!

Two days ago I noticed something spectacular.  My Christmas Cactus has begun to bloom this week ~ Mother's Day Week.  It has never done this before.  It's not the right season.  But it is blooming all the same and I can't help but think of her.  I'm flooded with memories of her with our two older kids when they were babies and telling her our third child's name (her namesake) since it was looking like she wouldn't get to meet her on this earth.  I'm on my knees thanking God for the mother that she was in Greg's life and the way she helped mold him into the amazing husband, father, son, brother, and friend that he is to the people in his life.  I'm speechless remembering the many lives that she touched just in the 10 years that I was honored to be a part of her story let alone the countless others there were before I knew her.  I'm in tears remembering the cancer that could not defeat her in its most aweful moments, but the way she took that cancer by the horns and used it in her life to lift others up and glorify God.

She had put a stake in the plant soon after she placed it in the homemade pot that says, "Lord, teach me to bloom where I'm planted".  She told me once that this was a prayer she prayed often for Greg and I because we had been transferred to Reno for a time.  I looked at that this week and had to smile.  My mother-in-law is still encouraging me today.  She is so amazing that she found a way to plant a prayer in my heart and my home that would continue to "point my face toward the Son" and keep my eyes focused on the things that matter.

So, I remember her this week and am in awe of how great a role we mother's have.  I am honored to be a mom.  I am honored to have been her daughter-in-law.  I look forward to seeing her again someday.

~ Happy Mother's Day ~ 

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