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God is good. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend the last 16 years growing our marriage and our family. Mikayla is our oldest child, Jordan is next, and Isabella is our third. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey of Faith, Family & Fun!

Monday, August 4, 2008


We did it. We are all moved in. I have not been so tired in a long long time. Our weekend started out with Matt, Greg and myself moving stuff until about midnight on Friday night. I can't believe how much we got done. Then Saturday morning Christina, Adam, Dad, and Tim showed up to help finish the job. We can not thank you guys enough for all the help you gave. We couldn't have done it without you. Mom, a special thank you to you for taking the kids over the weekend so we could make it all happen. I love you. We are finally done cleaning the rental and it is ready to go. Now we start putting together the new house. It's amazing how much there is to do. I thank God for our beautiful new home. And finally, a HUGE thank you to my amazing husband. You are my everything. You have been moving boxes into the garage and making things perfect for about two weeks now. No one has worked harder than you to make this happen as smoothly as possible. I can not tell you how much I appreciate your undying devotion to our family and our needs. I know you are tired and yet you persevere with all my little to do's. You never give up, are gracious always and love us so intensly. I LOVE YOU FOREVER. I thank God for the man He chose for me.


The Earnhardt Family said...

WAHOO!!! YOU'RE IN!!! I realize you still have a ways to go, but how exciting to FINALLY be in the house you can now call "home" :-) YAY! I'm so happy for you! I wish we could come over sooner than later, but I'm thinking we won't be able to until after Sun Cove - BOO HOO!!! In the meantime though, I am so super excited for you guys, and SO glad that you are finally settled down in WASHINGTON! YIPPIE-I-O-KI-YAY!!! :-D

Sara said...

Congratulations! It looks really nice, Stephanie. I'm happy for you and your family!

The Finnestad Family said...

What a beautiful house...and what a romantic blog post. :) You two make a great team. I'm so looking forward to hanging out with you next week and then seeing your new house in person when we all get back. Congratulations!

Jenny said...

Stephanie, I'm glad you found our blog, it was fun to read yours and see your beautiful family! Congrats on the new house, good luck getting all settled in.

sarah said...

Congrats on your beautiful new home!!!