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Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sun Cove 2008

Wow. What a vacation! Our family had such a great time last week up at Sun Cove. Playing with cousins, fishing, swimming, cannon balls, bees, games, hideouts, throwing rocks and eating like crazy! You name it, we did it. What a blessing to spend time with family and friends. I wish I could tell you everything but you'd be here for a long long time reading. So just a few highlights.

Fishing was the best. The kids were thrilled every time they caught one. Jordan and dad got to go out on a boys fishing trip with Jimmy and James and they had a blast with the boys on the boat. Mommy even caught one! And no, we didn't eat them!

Pool time was always fun. The kids were crazy. We were there every afternoon from about 3 to 5. Jordan loved to do cannon balls and even started learning how to dive head first into the deep end. He has no fear! Mikayla is right behind him jumping in and having fun. Then there is Isabella who loved her boat this week. She got thrown so many times. If she wasn't jumping in from the side she was chasing people around the pool with her squirt toys. It was great. She got Aunt Denise quite a few times.

The talent show was hillarious. The kids did their version of "Tomorrow" from Annie. It was too cute!! They had motions and funny play on words. I am so proud of all three of them.

So, this picture of Isabella says it all. Although it was a fantastic week, we are a little tuckered out and glad to be home again (after only 4 bathroom/snack stops on the way!).


The Earnhardt Family said...

I can't believe you have already blogged about our trip! Wow!!! Your kids did SO GREAT at their talent show song, I LOVED IT!!! Way to go!!!!! You've set the bar high for next time :-) It was so wonderful hanging out with your family all week, we're SO GLAD you're back!

The Finnestad Family said...

Why am I not surprised? Of course my dear friend has already blogged and posted pictures...you put me to shame. It's fun to relive those memories so quickly after returning home. Hopefully we'll have a chance to climb Mt. Laundry together over the phone in the morning. Strap on them boots...it's going to be a long hike up! Love you so much and can't even tell you how much I loved spending time with you this week.