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Saturday, November 22, 2008

Old Friendships, New Generation

I love it when you run into people you knew from the "younger" days. Corey Rutelonis (sorry if the spelling is wrong) and I just reconnected after about 13 years. We were in the same youth group in high school. It turns out we both live in Puyallup now and our sons are on the same soccer team this winter. I didn't even know it until Jessica, his sister, came up to me at the fourth game. I was one of her Youth Group leaders and she is married now. YIKES!! Although most of the kids that I was a leader to are married now and have children too. For those of you who knew Corey he is doing great. He is married to Amy (who is so nice) and they have three beautiful children. His older two are about the same ages as my younger two. Jayce, seen below with Jordan, is full of energy and got two goals today at their game. Way to go Jayce.

Those days seem so far away. I wouldn't go back for anything. But I do appreciate the friendships and acquaintances that sometimes find their way back into my life. I hope that Amy and I get to plan that playdate soon.

As far as soccer goes, today was the last game and awards ceremony. Jordan had a blast again this fall. He got two goals over the season and today they won their last game 6 to 0!! Great way to end the season.


sarah said...

I love that too! I recently discovered an old roomate from college is living in Lakewood. It is so fun to reconnect and remind us of different seasons of our life!

Suzy said...

That's totally crazy! I haven't read your blog in awhile so I'm catching up. Those times do seem like forever ago. I love being able to catch up with everyone through their blogs and facebook.