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God is good. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend the last 16 years growing our marriage and our family. Mikayla is our oldest child, Jordan is next, and Isabella is our third. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey of Faith, Family & Fun!

Monday, January 19, 2009

Is that Sun or is that Snow?

Well, the sun popped out again today and I couldn't resist it. Since the kids had the day off we met up with grandma and Lauren at the park and then with Aunt Chrissy for some frosties at Wendy's. Super fun time. There was a chill in the air so we had our coats and such. But we didn't know we would need our snowboots!! I guess they decided to bring in a ton of snow for the annual "Snowed In" at the park. Mikayla did remember to bring some roller skates though. She is really into roller skating all of a sudden and our neighbor is letting her borrow her new Bratz skates. They are too cool. She is so excited to really be getting the hang of it before the birthday parties this weekend. Oh and I recently learned of a new function on my camera called color accent so hence all the pictures with color hues and different looks.


The Finnestad Family said...

How cool is that? Sun AND snow...made for a perfect day off. You are doing such an awesome job with your cool camera functions. I especially love the pictures with the sun streaming through the trees.

sarah said...

Love that picture of you and your mom!