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God is good. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend the last 16 years growing our marriage and our family. Mikayla is our oldest child, Jordan is next, and Isabella is our third. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey of Faith, Family & Fun!

Friday, December 12, 2008


Isabella hit another growing milestone. She found Mikayla's old rollerskates and insisted she try them on. "But not without the proper safety devices" she told me. Thank you Lou and Lou's safety patrol on Playhouse Disney!! So we got her all dudded up and she was off. She loved them. I am reminded again how quickly they will all grow up!


The Williams Five said...

I think Lou and Lou would be pleased, but I do see one safety violation. Can you spot it?

The Earnhardt Family said...

OOH FUN!!! She sure is growin' up, it's so neat to watch :-) And I can TOTALLY hear her saying that about the safety stuff, that's so funny!

See you tomorrow!!! :-D