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Wednesday, November 25, 2009


Greg is on vacation this week and instead of going out of town we have decided to do some fun day trip type stuff. Today was all about the Mouse (unfortunately, not Mickey like our relatives). The kids love going to Chuck E Cheese. We usually go every other year for Halloween. This year it was supposed to be our Chuck E Cheese year but due to some circumstances it didn't happen. Sooooooo, today was the day. The kids finally got to go to Chuck E Cheese and were so excited we couldn't get a word in. Talk about "are we there yet"! I lost count of how many times we were asked that after about 8.

There was so much fun to be had by kids and dads alike! Greg got his play time in as well. There was no slowing the kids down. It was like 2 hours of whirlwind. There were sweet sibling moments and laughter the whole time. I am so thankful for my family.

Watch out Jordan!!

Mikayla taking a ride with her little brother.

Jordan teaching Isabella how to ride the quad. Too cute!

Hi 5's as the good times roll on the rocking horse.
(Yes, they are supposed to be seated)

That is one happy couple! I love this guy!

Silly Faces and Pizza. Does life get any better?

Isabella and Mommy

Silly Ducks. Ended up eating a token but the kind staff gave it back, plus 7 more. They were very generous.

Tricky Egg game. Isabella was brave and tried it.

She loved the sea doo. We might have to get one someday!

Jordan must remember this one from when he was younger because he just had to ride it. Yes, that's all it did. Just back and forth in the chair.

Isabella very excited to score on her brother at the Air Hockey table.

Our little princess.

Dad's turn. That guy can shoot!

Their favorite by far. The simulated rollercoaster.
UP, UP, UP, UP.....

Jordan is loving the way down.

All three in hysterics at the end. Good times.

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Sarah said...

It looks like you guys had a total blast! I love your family!