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Sunday, November 22, 2009

It's X time!!

Greg and I have officially ordered the P90X work out system and we are ready for the challenge. Unless it involves picking anything up off the ground today! Let me explain.

Greg and I have been wondering about this program for a while now. We have some friends that own it and were gracious to lend it to us this weekend so we could try it out (thanks Alyssa)! We did a workout on saturday morning and then got up today and did another one. We were already sore but expected to be as this is a very high intensity work out system. Well, needless to say that after two straight days of a crash course in P90X, there is nothing getting picked up off the floor today. Our inner thighs and legs are HURTING! I think I've stood more today just because it's easier than having to get back up off the couch or out of a chair.

But it's a good kind of hurt. Or will be when the Aleve kicks in tonight. So, wish us luck on our 90 day journey. I will NOT be posting before pics. But hopefully, great progress will be made in the next 90 days and after pics will be soon to follow.

On a little more personal note, I can't wait to do this with my husband. We have not worked out together since we were first married. We are like a couple of giddy kids after the last couple of days. Sure, we don't quite move the way we did 3 years ago and sure, those kicks aren't quite so pretty but man are we enjoying time spent with each other. OH, and you should see our kids right now. They are pumped about getting healthy (although they already are). They were trying to beat each other's best times on the chin up bar this afternoon and Greg told Mikayla that he'll give her $10 when she can do 10 pull ups. I wonder what her goal is going to be??? And Isabella is doing some arm exercises tonight like the instructor. "You raise your arm like this....Like you're starting a lawn mower" (said as she raises 2 lb weights and does about 10 reps). Very very cute. And then there is Jordan, who spider man walks up the wall to get to the chin up bar so that he can hang for a crazy long time and just swing like a monkey. Our family time just got a lot funnier folks!


the fortenberrys said...

I'm glad you're so excited! Good luck and have fun!

Sarah said...

Sounds so fun! And painful. :) I'll have to see if Alyssa will let me borrow it too! Best of luck on your journey!

The Finnestad Family said...

LOVE it! Maybe we can do it together sometime. Those stool kicks rock!! So fun that you have decided to do it together.