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Friday, November 13, 2009

Here Fishy Fishy....

Well, we had an exciting week for our pet fish this week. I wish I would have thought to grab the camera. Mikayla happened to be looking at the fish tank on Tuesday afternoon and realized that there were little baby fish swimming around. Upon further inspection, it became apparent that we were getting to wittness the many many live births of our fishies. We were so excited. There were about 30 of them in the tank when all was said and done. Super cool. I had been warned by a friend that sometimes the mommy will eat the babies. Mikayla wondered what we should do, and I, being the fish expert that I am not, said that there was no way she would eat them all. I was wrong. By morning there were about 4 left and by the mid afternoon there was not one baby fish to be found.

What in the world? Why would she eat all her babies. Of course, my kids are very realistic about pets and that they die occassionally (especially fish) so it wasn't too traumatic but we did decide that the next time we are fortunate enough to have baby fishies, we will definitely get them in their own tank till they are big enough to fend for themselves.


The Finnestad Family said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! We have experienced the trauma over here ourselves. I guess all that birthing really caused Mama to work up quite the appetite. That's awesome that you were able to witness them being born. Hopefully next time you'll get to witness them growing up too :)

Sarah said...

No way!!! I'll have to tell you about our luck with fish one of these days. Too funny!

Sellers' Family Fun said...

That happened with us too....the birth (not death) of fish. They actually make a separate housing net that stays in the tank, but momma can't (or other fish either)get to them. Yet they stay in the same water they were born in. It is important to "ready" the water before putting the babies in it if you put them in a separate tank (or they'll die in there too). Just some extra FYI for next time!!