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Thursday, December 24, 2009

A Christmas Vacation

We took a vacation to SunRiver Resort in Oregon and just got back yesterday. It was so wonderful and relaxing. The resort was amazing. We got to catch up with an Aunt and cousin that Greg and I have not seen in 8 years. There was so much snow on Mt. Bachelor. The kids were definitely in their happy place. Although it is definitely cold there too! The sun was very accomodating. Here's some fun facts and pics from our week.

Fact 1: Jordan realized that you can't breathe really well if you stick a wet rag over your face at night while trying to go to sleep. Oh the things a 7 year old comes up with.

Fact 2: Scrabble is an addictive game and funniest when you are really tired and have had a high fiber kind of day.

Fact 3: You really can lose a couple pounds and stay on track with your workouts when vacationing!

Fact 4: It takes a LOT of cement, I mean icing, to stick those gingerbread houses together so they don't fall apart!

Fact 5: Snow is AWESOME!! Snowboarding and Sledding....even better.

Fact 6: I am completely in awe of a God that chose to create such a beautiful world and bless us with such amazing scenery.

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