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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Things that matter....

I am a perfectionist. There, I said it. I got an 89% on a Chem test and it rocked my world tonight. It was a super hard test and one that the professor did not completely prepare us for. I hated getting it back and having to accept the reality of my score. It will drop me out of my 4.0 status in this class and there probably is not enough left of the quarter to reclaim it. However, I came home tonight to my three children and my husband and all the disappointment disappeared. It wasn't by my strength. God alone gave me perspective.... immediate perspective about what my life is about. It's not about perfect scores coming out of college. (Although that would be really nice!)

It's about greeting my children and my husband and being excited with them about the bike ride that they all took together tonight. It's about intently listening as they relive their exciting tale of fast hills and skidding turns. It's about celebrating with a nine year old who is so proud of herself for going down the BIG hill with no brakes.

Hearing them tell me how much they love snuggling with me before they go to sleep is the perfection that I am thankful for. I did my best and I'm forgetting the rest. (Well, I'm not dwelling on it anyway which is really good progress for me.) Hopefully I'll be able to keep this perspective through the next four finals!


The Finnestad Family said...

I love the new butterfly layout on your blog. Reminds me of "Freedom"...something you are experiencing right now. It finally happened - you got less than perfect on a test (after HOW long???). Now you can be freed from the fear of it, as God so quickly revealed on the other side that your identity rests in Him and all He has blessed you with.

You have been SO self-disciplined Stephanie and have given your all. You are amazing!! Praying you are reminded of "Truth" today and then run in freedom through those tests. I will be at the finish line ready to celebrate with you on Friday!

Sarah said...

I love that you are always striving to become more Christ like. I love that you are always willing (and searching) to grow. Your family is a lucky family to have you as mama and wife! And by the way, 89% is AWESOME!!!

50 Chubby Toes said...

Girl ~ You're Awesome! I truly believe that a hard earned 89 is waaayyyy better than an easy 100. I love it when you sing in church :) I hope that you are enjoying today's beautiful weather!!! I Love It! Blessings, EMichelle