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Monday, March 22, 2010

A Birth in the Earnhardt Home

Nope. I can't hide a pregnancy that well and it wasn't me!!! We bought a couple of new fish on Saturday afternoon and it turns out one of them was extremely pregnant! Luckily we decided to invest in a birthing tank thing that you put in your tank so the babies don't get eaten (like last time). Well, Oreo had her babies last night. Unfortunately mom didn't make it. But, there are many many fishies that did. Hopefully they will grow and get stronger. Some of the fishy embryos weren't even fully developed so you can see them in their egg state and some kind of half developed. It is like a great big science lab. The kids are so excited. We'll see how many of them survive. Ya'll be thinkin' about whether or not you'd like a new Dalmation Molly fish! We won't be able to keep them all if they all survive.


The Finnestad Family said...

Yay for eliminating baby-consumption! Congrats on all the new additions. I actually miss the "science experiment" aspect of our fish tank...we may just have to set ours back up when you're ready to part with a few!

Christina said...

That is so awesome! Yay for babies...boo for moms dying. I have a teacher at school who will probably take some if you want!

Jennifer said...

That is a LOT of babies! Grow Fishies Grow!

Jane Anne said...

Oh wow. That's a lot of fish! Keep me updating how that goes. We are petless. I thought fish were supposed to be easy. Hmm.