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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Orange Tagged!! Code violation!!!

Well, we started out the day with a gas leak being checked and fixed in our fire place. No big deal. The power company came out and did it for free. BUT.....when they went in the garage to double check all the gas lines they discovered that there is an illegal flex connecting the gas through the wall under the house and into the fireplace. It's potentially very dangerous and has to be taken care of. We were orange tagged. I about fainted. So next Tuesday someone will be coming out to estimate what that will entail to be fixed. SHEESH!!!


The Williams Five said...

How scary!! Aren't you glad you got that checked before winter?

The Finnestad Family said...

That is scary! And no one noticed it during the home inspection? Like Erin said, I'm so thankful you discovered it before you started using your gas fireplace consistently. That could have been really dangerous!

I was going to ask if you've recovered from all of the birthday craziness, but it sounds like you've jumped from one thing to another again this week!

The Earnhardt Family said...

You guys are such rule-breakers! I don't think my mom would like me hanging out with you guys anymore... ;-D

Wagner's said...

Ack!! Thank heaven it was caught, and that soon you can breathe easier!