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Saturday, September 27, 2008


Well, yesterday afternoon was a breath of fresh air. We found out we don't have a code violation and the gas piping is safe and I aced another test. WOO HOO!! There is one more inspector to run it all past, but after going under the house it was found that we do have the right kind of flex running to the fireplace. They just stripped off some of the outer covering for whatever reason when they built it. I didn't recieve any emails or calls last night so it looks like we are in the clear!! School is going great. I know some of it which makes it a little easier and I am learning a lot. The kids and Greg are also doing great. Jordan started his soccer season this week. Awana starts this wednesday too. We are loving all this great Fall weather. Today is going to be awesome so we are heading out to the zoo and then to grandma and grandpa's for a barbeque. P.S. I am getting so excited for the holiday seasons that are quickly approaching. Pumpkin Patch here we come!!!

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The Earnhardt Family said...

That's so exciting - on ALL accounts! Great job on ace'ing another test, and on the great news on not being a code violator ;-) And I am with ya, SO excited for the holidays!!!