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God is good. Greg and I have been priviledged to spend the last 16 years growing our marriage and our family. Mikayla is our oldest child, Jordan is next, and Isabella is our third. We hope you enjoy reading about our journey of Faith, Family & Fun!

Saturday, January 30, 2010

She's just like me...

My youngest daughter, Isabella, is just like me. That statement in and of itself is a pretty scary one. But, she really is. She has a mind of her own, is very energetic, loves music (and bustin' a groove), and loves being a mommy. Now, she is only a mommy to her dolls at this point, but she really loves them. She throws baby parties all the time, bathes them, and reads the bible to them a lot. I hope Isabella always knows how much I truely love her. Which is only a fraction of how much God loves her. She is such a joy to me!


The Finnestad Family said...

How sweet is that? And yes, she is so much like you - such a tender little mama.

Jane Anne said...

These pictures are breath taking. Isabella is beautiful and the lighting in the pictures is amazing.