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Saturday, August 22, 2009

Mud Mountain Dam & a trip to the Urgent Care...

Today, Greg and I took our kids to Mud Mountain Dam. It is a great recreational park and hike that one of Greg's friends told him about last weekend. We loved it. The kids were in the lead on the whole hike. All three of them practically ran back up it and it has a pretty steep grade. We were definitely impressed. Then it was on to the park and the water wading pool. The girls had so much fun but Greg and I noticed that Jordan was kind of quiet and acting a little strange. He didn't want to play in the water which is so not like him. So as we started for home we wondered what was really going on?

Upon getting home, we asked him to take off his bandaid from his accident yesterday to his hand and we'd take a look. Oh my goodness! Even my stomach turned. I will spare you the very sad details of the next 15 minutes where a grown man could hardly get his son in the van due to extreme panic and fear. Once at the clinic, it was obvious that we had made the right decision. He had a low grade fever already and his little fingers were red and swollen up to the base of his hand. The doctor quickly started soaking the hand in Betadine and water. She explained that he had what was comperable to a 2nd degree burn across his fingers and edge of his hand, only instead of fire being the culprit it was the pavement. And now, there was infection setting in. Plain english, they were really messed up and it was bad. He ended up being treated and then wrapped up in burn unit type stuff. We have started on an oral antibiotic tonight and then tomorrow afternoon begin changing dressings and start a topical ointment on the injuries as well.

We are all confident that we have caught this in time, but please be in prayer for Jordan as his hand hopefully starts to heal. Please pray that the infection does not enter his bloodstream as we would then have to stay in the hospital. He is doing so much better tonight. He loves his dressings and calls them his "cast" kind of like Josiah's was, but with net. He's excited to show them off at church tomorrow.


La Kris said...

Wow.. poor thing... at least you were out and about and able to notice that he wasn't acting his normal self. I spent some time at Children's after one of my students got an oil burn down his face... not a fun experience. I will definately be praying..!

The Finnestad Family said...

Despite the traumatic injury, you ended up with such fun memories from Mudd Mt. Dam and fantastic pictures of your family!! You must be thrilled. Poor Jordan - what a trooper. (and poor Mommy) Praying for you as you take care of your little man. Great shot of his "war wound". That's a badge of honor right there.

Missy said...

Oh no! Ouch! I can't imagine the pain involved. We will be praying for Jordan.