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Friday, August 21, 2009

Poor Jordan

Well, we started out the day with a fun filled trip to Bradley Park to meet up with some of our friends. It was so much fun for about an hour. Then we decided to go for a walk around the lake and get the kids nice and hungry for our picnic lunch. About 1/2 way around the lake, tragedy struck. Jordan was headed down a hill on a long board when his body decided to go it alone. He came off the board to the slight left of the board and slid for about another 5 feet down the paved path. NOT GOOD. He immediately got up SCREAMING when he finally came to a stop, and started running towards me. I was already running towards him. My poor baby was just panicked. (That would not be the last time panic hit him before all was said and done!) He was pretty scraped up from his elbow to his fingers. Unfortunately his ring and pinky finger took a hard hit. His hip was also ripped up a bit but that didn't matter since the hand was much worse. We quickly figured out that we were not going to be able to continue our wonderful playdate and picnic.

We headed home and the real panic began. I'm going to spare you all the gorey details and just let you know that it took about an hour from the time we got home to get to a normal state. There was a lot of crying, screaming, running from mom, hyperventalating, and more. It was a doozy! We are all wrapped up now and we are praying that the antiseptic ointment will be enough to ward off infection as there is no way anyone is getting close enough to that boy's hand without knocking him out first.

My brave boy is tuckered out now. So is his momma. To top it all off, I find out that Karen had brought birthday plates and a present and maybe cupcakes (I told her not to tell me if she did cause that would be so sad) to celebrate my birthday with the kids today. But we didn't get that far. Oh well, it gives us the excuse to do it again really soon.


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Carr Family said...

So sorry your day ended on such a sour note. Praying for your little one and for you. Hoping you get to celebrate a belated birthday soon.