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Sunday, August 30, 2009

Fun with Family

We got to go and hang out with Greg's brother and their family today. It was so relaxing and wonderful. God has blessed me with such a fantastic sister-in-law. The kids loved just hangin' out with each other and playing with toys. The boys were busy building things, the girls were playing princesses, there were train tracks to master, and there was a very happy Jenna who absolutely adored her Aunt Stephanie today. Priceless memories!! After lunch, playtime, a great walk with Denise, homemade chocolate chip cookies, and more relax time, we headed off to Lake Wilderness. It was wonderful. I've never been there. It is absolutely beautiful. I think it helped that it was a gorgeous day today. The kids had fun playing and Jenna is definitely enjoying the slides now. Then it was off for another walk down by the lake where Uncle Matt is the skipping rock champion. Uncle Greg did good but Uncle Matt can get like 7-8 skips on one rock!! That's talent folks.

All in all, a wonderful time. Thank you so much Matt and Denise for having us out to visit today. Looking forward to the next one!! Love you guys.

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The Finnestad Family said...

I'm so happy your families got to hang out today, and what perfect weather for it too! I LOVE the pictures of the cousins - and especially love the picture of you & Denise together. You both look SO beautiful. What a perfect day...and fresh chocolate chip cookies in the middle of perfection? There's not even a word to describe how awesome that must have been!