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Thursday, August 20, 2009

Watching them grow...

Mikayla has had the priviledge of growing with one of her good friends, Abby. They were born 2 months apart and have shared life for the last nine years. It has been so much fun to watch these two grow up side by side. Even when we were all the way in Indiana Abby got to come out and make some memories over there with Mikayla. I watch when they are together and it is such a blessing. They truely love to see each other every single time they are together. On Tuesday, Abby celebrated her 9th birthday and Mikayla had a blast at "her grandmother's HUGE house. It's like a maze mom!" exclaimed Mikayla when we left. Who knows what life will bring for these two precious girls but what a blessing to be sharing some of that life together.

Speaking of growing, here are some new pics of our garden. It is doing great. No pumpkins yet, but it looks like there might be a couple coming soon. We're starting to get those curly cues off the vine in a couple of places. We'll see!! And for those of you that know about me and Matt's competition of the biggest pumpkin, the playing field is still even! Yes, Matt does have pumpkins but those are his cheater cheater pumpkin eater ones. He got starters (which I wish I would have too!) so those don't count. He has to grow them from scratch! And last checked on Saturday, no pumpkins for him either from the seed. So we'll see. It might be who ends up with the longest vine or something!!

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