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Friday, August 14, 2009

My Great American Hero

My mom surprised me yesterday and offered to take the kiddos so Greg and I could have a date night. I LOVE THAT!! So I got to take Greg out for an early birthday night tonight, and we went to see "GI Joe". We enjoyed the movie. Lots of great outfits and gadgets that do nifty things. Of course, they save the girl and the world, kind of. You'll have to see the movie to know what I mean.

When we were dropping them off at Grandma's house tonight, Mikayla said, "Are you just glad that you are going to get away from us?" Mommy said, "Yep". And Greg quickly covered me and said, "It's not that we want to get away from you. Mommy and Daddy really love each other and we sometimes like to just go out by ourselves." I responded, "Yep. I am daddy's sweet-heart."

Anyway, I started thinking to myself when we were coming home tonight. I am so blessed. I have a real hero for a husband. He doesn't have a special suit that can make him run faster and jump higher than anyone else. But, he does have some other things that are priceless.

My husband loves me. He really loves me. All of me. Even the not so great moments and stuff. He adores being with me and holds his head high when I am on his arm. My husand is the BEST daddy in the whole wide world. He loves his children and cherishes all the moments he gets to spend with them. (He had the chance last night to go hang out with some adults and play games and have pizza but he chose to stay home with his kids, have leftovers, and have an x-box tournament with them instead.) My husband is a Christian. He loves the Lord and has accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. There are no words to express how that brings me true joy. My husband works hard and provides for his family. He is thankful for everything that the Lord provides for him and he never ever complains. He is a glass is 1/2 full kind of guy. He loves life and occassionally likes to walk on the wild side. (only people really close to him ever really get to see that part). I am sure that I don't spend enough time showing and telling him how much I appreciate him.

So tonight, I hereby shout it from the mountaintop!! Greg is my hero. I love you baby. I am proud to be your wife. Only you can fill those supersonic shoes. I love you forever!


Missy said...

Thanks for the reminder that we wives often do not show our husbands the appreciation they deserve.

Greg is as lucky to have you as you are to have him. =)

The Earnhardt Family said...

You certainly do have a great guy! And I'm proud to say I have his brother, who is almost his TWIN! :o) We are lucky ladies :-) Which, by the way, we've GOT to get just our two families together! Is the 30th gonna work for you guys by chance??? I hope so!