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Monday, September 7, 2009

Labor Day is for Mega Cooking!!!

Yep! When everyone else is taking the day off and resting I am hitting it hard. Lots to be done before college starts back up at the end of the month. So today, I decided to get some meatballs done. I found a new recipe and they are delicious.

15 lbs of meat and 450 meatballs later I can check that one off my list! YES!!!


The Earnhardt Family said...

WAY TO GO!!! 450...that's a lotta meatballs! And yeah, I BET they're good with stovetop stuffing in them! Wahoo!!!!! Makes me think of the mexican meatloaf we're hooked on, that's awesome!

And I'm with ya, we have been hitting it hard this weekend, we've gotten so much accomplished! WAHOO!!! It feels soooooo good to FINALLY get a chance to work on our house. One step at a time...or in your case, one meatball at a time! :-D

Missy said...

That is a lot of meatballs.

Funny thing, that is what we are having for dinner. =)

Sarah said...

Yummy!!! Speaking of food... we all need to get together for dinner sometime. :)