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Thursday, September 3, 2009

Meeting Madelynn

I had the distinct pleasure of meeting Madelynn Dianne Hughes today. She is such a cutie! Michelle is a "golden" friend to me. I have known her since the days of high school. Isabella had a fantastic time meeting Madelynn as well. She is convinced that Madelynn loves her because she didn't cry when Isabella held her. She also really enjoyed the "big dog...Sammy".

Madelynn is absolutely gorgeous. She has crazy long fingers and is just a cuddler. She definitely has the eating thing down pat! Michelle is such a patient and loving mommy! Madelynn is so blessed to have been given such great parents. Grandma showed up toward the end of our visit and I had the most joy getting to witness Myrna with her sweet first grandchild. No one will love that baby girl the way her grandma does.

I am so pleased for the Hughes family and the Quin family. Madelynn is greatly loved and truely a gift from God.

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Michelle said...

Thanks so much for coming up here to hang out with us for a little while!!! :)