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Monday, October 12, 2009

Simple Mondays

I saw this on one of my friend's blogs today and thought it was nice so I decided to do it too.

FOR TODAY...October 12th

Outside my window... A rose bush that is blooming again in October

I am thinking... "I should be doing homework right now"

I am thankful for... God's forgiveness

I am wearing... jeans, red comfy socks, a shirt with christmas penguins on it (yes, it's time to break out those fun clothes) and a fall looking jacket that is really warm.

I am remembering... how the ribosomes are used for protein synthesis in the cells

I am going... grocery shopping at some point today or tomorrow

I am reading... a lot of children's books lately with Isabella

I am hoping... that this sore throat and congestion doesn't turn really bad this week

On my mind... wondering why Greg's boss is really coming into town tomorrow.....the last three times we've been relocated!

Noticing that... it's really cold this morning

Pondering these words... Mikayla said last night, "Mom, you could have chosen to do homework on the computer tonight but you chose to come and do bible study with me instead. I love you."

From the kitchen... Tater Tot Cassarole tonight

Around the house.... lots of crafts from this weekend

One of my favorite things this time of year... Hot Peppermint Tea

From my picture journal.. the kids with grandpa on Halloween last year


The Earnhardt Family said...


That said...great blog! Very good idea to make yourself *stop*...and ponder... Kinda like on your wedding day, when you force yourself to stop and really take in certain moments, mental snapshots, to live in the now and not always be wrapped up in preparing for later :-)

Hoping you have a great day and feel better real soon!!!

Christina said...

Your most favorite person in the whole world...Chrissy. Oh yeah, don't deny it. :) Just kidding. Cute blog.

The Finnestad Family said...

Love this blog Stephanie! It was so fun to get a glimpse at your world this morning. I think I can help you with the Peppermint Tea. I have an entire box waiting here patiently for your arrival :) As for the relocating, I'm already praying you ARE relocating....to KENT!!! Next door would be fine, but I could settle for a couple of doors away!

Thanks for sharing. Love you!

Jane Anne said...

I loved reading your answers. That Hot Peppermint Tea sounds delicious. I hope you feel better very soon.