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Saturday, October 10, 2009

Spooner Farm Pumpking Patch

I couldn't help but run home and put these pics on my blog. I absolutely love the family ones in front of the big pumpkin! What a fun day with neighbors. Actually, it's only 1/2 over so far. We went with our neighbors to the pumpkin patch today. The corn maze was crazy!! Greg said that without a map you would never make it back out again. It took about an hour to get through. The carmel apple slices were yummy. The animals were fun and the "Pumpkin Huck" was a blast. Greg thoroughly enjoyed himself as did the kids. His first shot hit the bar holding the target. He has a great eye!

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The Finnestad Family said...

What a perfect day to explore the pumpkin patch - this is going to be quite the pumpkin patch weekend for you. Isn't Spooners just down the street from where we're supposed to go? How come we haven't been there yet? Looks like so much fun! Maybe next year or we could try some of the other ones over this way. Love the kissing corn maze picture by the way.