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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Test Scores are in

Well, last night was the big reveal for my latest big test scores. I studied so hard for these but when I left on Thursday night I wondered just how I might have done. I am relieved to say that it went well.

It was a very good lesson in waiting this weekend. Waiting is very hard. I wanted to know what I got right after I had taken it. I am possibly not so aware of how many times God asks me to wait on Him. To wait for that timing, or to wait and be silent while He works something out. I am thankful for a God that waits for me when I am less than punctual about responding to Him.

For those of you who are wondering, it was a 94%. So now, on to today. There are no tests looming tonight or tomorrow so today is all about playing with my kids and I think making homemade playdough is on the agenda today!! Should be messy. Just what the mommy ordered!


The Williams Five said...

That's great! Way to go Stephanie. I hope you enjoy your messy playdough day with the kids.

Michelle said...

Congrats, Stephanie!!

The Fortenberrys said...

great post. and congrats!

The Finnestad Family said...

Why am I not surprised about that test score? Way to go Stephanie! You persevered and did your best...and it really paid off! Hope you enjoyed your playdoh time as much as you enjoyed getting those test results!

Aaron and Heather said...

Great job, Stephanie!
Enjoy that wonderful feeling when that score pops into your head today as you get to love on your kids with Play-doh!
By the way, good test score results are just what I needed to hear about this morning. I had one of those tedious, bizarre, very real seeming dreams last night in which I was trying to take a test (open book at that)and could not seem to write down ANY of the answers, even though they were right in front of me! It felt like that dream lasted all night (probably because I never finished the test!)... anyway, so glad to hear REAL news that someone did WELL on a test! :-)