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Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Teacher Conferences

Today was Jordan and Mikayla's teacher conferences. When we arrived Jordan's teacher was finishing up with the student's family that was before us. So we waited in the hallway. Jordan's walk to read teacher, Mr. Heagle, came out and I got to talk one on one with him for a bit. Then it was time to meet with Jordan's teacher. Mrs. Whitehead is wonderful. She is kind and soft spoken. It turns out Jordan is doing a fantastic job. He has become quite the little "techy". Whenever there is a problem with the computers in Jordan's classroom his teacher asks him to go and take a look and 99% of the time he is able to fix it and get it working again for the students. He is the go to kid for class and I couldn't be more proud of him. This just thrilled my socks off. We chose to go ahead and homeschool Jordan for Kindergarten because his birthdate was just past the cut off date (by days). Everyone warned me that it could end up not being a good thing emotionally. So today was a checkpoint for us to see how things are going. I am happy that he is thriving.

Then it was Mikayla's turn. Her teacher unfortunately was running about 30 minutes behind. He had looked at the wrong day and didn't have any of the student's stuff ready for today. So, it didn't quite go as I had thought it would. It was more a fly by the seat of your pants kind of conference. Not bad, just different than I had expected. Mikayla is my helper bee. She loves to help others. She is definitely a first born which is shining through in her desire to be in charge and keep people in line! Oh, the joys of being nine.

Both kids are doing great. I am so pleased with them. There are things that they are doing well, things that they can focus on, and ways that they are growing by leaps and bounds.


The Finnestad Family said...

That's awesome! I love that Jordan is Mr. Techy. That's certainly going to come in handy at home! I'm glad to hear conferences went well, even if they looked a little different than expected.

The Williams Five said...

That's so cool about Jordan! And of course Mikayla is a helper bee. I can totally see that! Did you give yourself a conference for Isabella? How is she doing in Kindergarten?